LTC Summer Institute students create a mural representing UNT and UAEM collaboration.

UNT LTC Summer Institute
The LTC Summer Institute is part of a liaison between University of North Texas and Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México in Toluca, Mexico. This multi-level ESL program provides summer learning opportunities through language and culture immersion.

The LTC Summer Institute's mission is to provide a unique English language program through cultural immersion and experiential learning. This program design promotes fluency through social interaction and engagement with the community of UNT, Denton, and DFW.

2011 Staff
Program Coordinators - Katie Crowder & Kristan Taylor
Advanced/Teacher Training Class Instructor - Kristan Tyalor
Intermediate Class Instructor - Elizabeth Schachlin
Beginner Class Instructor - Chip Cullum
Fine Arts Track Instructor - Chip Cullum
Performing Arts Track Instructor - Elizabeth Schachlin
Professional Development Track Instructor - Kelly McGill
UNT Scholar Track Instructor - Lisa Jeon
Administrative Coordinator - Sarah Adams
Entertainment Coordinators - Caroline Stasa, Corey Havarda, & Terrell Quillin

Email: katie.crowder@unt.edu
Phone: (940) 565-2441
Website: http://ltcenglish.blogspot.com/