Friday, July 8, 2011

saturday trip to dallas!

I hope everyone is excited about riding the train to Dallas tomorrow! We will be taking a bus to the train station, taking the train to Trinity Mills and transferring to a different train before we get to the Arts District of Dallas where people have the option of going to the Aquarium, The 6th Floor Museum, or The Dallas Museum of Art; as well as the option to go to the NorthPark Mall later. Students will need to stay in groups, and keep track of time in order to take a train back to denton. If you don't come back before 5pm buses in Denton will not be running and you will have to walk back from the Denton Train station to UNT(about 1.5 miles). See the itinerary in google docs(hyperlinked to the title) for maps, schedules and more information.

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