Monday, July 11, 2011

professional development track

Message from Kelly:

This year we implemented a Professional Track to help those interested with tips for their resume, interview practice and online portfolios. During the afternoons, students in the professional track learned ways to make their resume more noticeable, when to use a curriculum vitae and when to use a resume and also started building their very own online portfolio using Wikispaces. Click on the portfolios below to check out what an online resume can look like! All are still in the beginning stages.

Thanks to Tania, Mark & Ale for their great work on e-portfolios!

Here are some other tips for getting your CV or Resume noticed:
  • do not include your picture on your resume
  • do not use colored paper or bright ink
  • use a font and size that is clean and easy to read
  • use a paper color of beige or off-white and an ink color of navy or dark green to make your resume sophisticated.

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